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Welcome to my mini blog! Feel free to NOT read anything (pls)...

Sunday, 6-26: Today was pretty chill, I went swimming with a friend. I honestly didn't do much today. I haven't been working on the website much since well I was having issues recently. But I've gotten past them. I watched the BET Awards (which went extremely overtime). I watched Law and Order: SVU of course. I hope tomorrow I'll make a lot more progress because child this website starting to looks ghetto. Okay, see y'all tomorrow!

Monday, 6-27:Okay, hey guys! I'm doing this in the morning so the day may be half-ly. So, today was nice. Barely anyone came to coding camp today (but the class was already small before anyway). I finally figured out how to add boxes to my home page! I came home later, ate some candy, and played some Sims 4 so life was good. Then, I helped with baby and slept. Pretty uninteresting if you ask me but it's fun to share.

Tuesday, 6-28: Now today was very fun. They introduced us to the robotic parts of things (and I was little iffy) but it was kinda fun. Of course, my circuit stuff wasn't working but eventually they fixed. Everyone was so creative and helpful and today really felt communal. I also figured out how to make the boxes (specifically on the home page) look better which was nice. I had a lot of candy today (like yesterday) but you know...I'm fine ;). I'm little nervous for everyone to see the website (specfically this page because it's a lot more personal). I just won't let them read anything...

Wednesday, 6-29: Today was the last day before camp. We worked on our robotics presentations (and I'm still finishing up this website). Overall, it was a pretty good day. My robotics project is mad lame though (ngl). But I was struggling (and still am). I really like this blog. But anyway, I have to go to the orthodontist (because I might need braces after that wisdom teeth removal). A little concerned, but not too worried since it's more of a check-up than anything. I was going to go swimming today, but I can't (don't ask, just assume). I'm going to try to workout today but there are no guarantees...Oh and also the CEO or co-founder (or whatever) of HYPE (the coding program) came today. I mean we didn't speak but it was kinda cool to see the person in charge of all of this. I mean without her, I wouldn't even have this website...well maybe. I want to change up the format of this part of the site but I don't know how to do what it is I'm trying to do. Oh well.

Thursday, 6-30: TBD

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